The Real Marble iPhone 7 Case

Let me burst your bubble right from the start, there are no REAL marble iPhone 7 cases online or offline but there are real looking marble cases that you can find. Real marble would be too heavy for a phone case. It isn’t portable. Marble is also fragile and just one drop could chip the marble case and scratch your phone along with it. So as tempting as getting a real marble case – because there’s nothing like the real thing right? – the smart decision would be to get a “real” looking case instead.


There is a brand at Amazon that claims to have real looking marble cases. Say hello to Society6’s real marble cases for the iPhone 7. Of course, they aren’t made from real marble but from hard yet flexible plastic that is able to protect your phone from the daily drops and bumps that it might encounter. The brand’s cases are impact resistant and carries an extremely slim profile, making it lightweight and easy to carry around. The complete opposite of a real marble case.


Let’s take a look at a few of their cases:


The case in the picture is so white so I hope you can see it. This case is being sold at 35.00 US DOLLARS and it already comes with free shipping. If you make the order now, you will be able to get your case around November 8 to 17 of this year. You can expect solid protection from this case.

Here’s another one from the same brand:


Looks great. You can get this one for 38.00 US DOLLARS and it also comes with free shipping. Just like the first one, if you place your order now, you will be able to get the case on November 8 to 17 of this year.

The thing that makes Society6’s cases unique is that the cases are designed by different artists all over the world. It means that every time you purchase a case from Society6, an independent artist from another part of the world will be able to profit from it. That’s good right? You are able to have a good looking case, that also protects your phone, and some artist gains a little something from it too. It’s a win win situation if you ask me.


Here is something different from the same brand. It comes with a rubber bumper around the case. This helps increase the protecting ability of the case. Here is an image of the case:



As expected, this case is a little more expensive than the first two. You can get this case for 45.00 US DOLLARS with free shipping. Unlike the first two though, you have an added extra protection because of the rubber bumper around the case.


What do you think of the brand? Their cases look really cute too. You just need to have a little patience since you won’t be getting the cases in 2 to 4 days as of the moment.


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