The iPhone 7 Black Marble Case

There’s just something classy about a black marble case that makes your iPhone 7 stand out among the rest. Personally, I have a black marble case and I’m so glad that a lot of people have commented on it when I first got it. However, your marble case doesn’t have to be as heavy as a real marble because then that would be really bulky to carry around, right? And real marble is a little fragile so I don’t think that it would be a great material when it comes to protection. Thankfully, technology today has allowed us to create cases that look and feel like real marble without the fragility or the weight. Also, it’s very easy to purchase them online. You can go to websites like Amazon if you aren’t down to walking around the mall. With a click of the mouse, you can have the marble case that you are looking for.


Here are some of the black marble cases that are available at Amazon:


  • AGENT18’s Black Marble Case For the iPhone 7Here is an image of the case:

    The original price of this case was at 24.99 US DOLLARS, but at Amazon you can simply get it for 19.99 US DOLLARS. It’s not much but you will be able to save at least 5 US DOLLARS which you can add to your shipping fee instead.

    This case comes with a military grade of protection despite it’s appearance. It has passed a 3.3 feet drop test without a scratch on the case and on the phone itself. You can also be sure that in time the design of the case won’t fade or look worn out. It will really look like a marble that’s shiny and new. Aside from being tough, it is also flexible at the same time. Don’t expect this case to stretch over time. It’s also very easy to install and it won’t slip off your phone.

    The case also protects the buttons of your phone without getting in the way of their functionality. it also wraps around the edge of your phone to protect your display screen.

    Here is a customer’s review about this case:

    “Pretty packaging! Seems like a good quality and offers moderate protection. The back is a plastic that is scratch resistant which is my main concern at first but when I open the package, I was relieved! The part touching your phone is a dark grey tpu silicone with a engraved “agent18″ inside it which I thought was a nice touch. I got this as a gift and not sure how it will hold up but overall seems really good and happy I got it!” —– J, rated the product with 5 stars out of 5 stars.

  • A-FOCUS’ CASE IMD DESIGN BLACK MARBLE DESIGNHere is an image of the case:

    You can get this case for only 9.99 US DOLLARS. That’s a whole lot cheaper than the first case we reviewed here, right? The product is currently in stock so if you want this product, you can add it to your cart as soon as possible. The print at the back is high definition so it won’t face, it isn’t blurry to look at, and the smooth matte feel of the case is very comfortable to touch. The case is made from soft and flexible TPU material. It is also anti-scratch so that’s a good thing.

    Here is a customer’s review about the case:

    “The color and design are exactly as pictured and I’ve gotten a ton of compliments already. I was pleasantly surprised with the rubber casing that goes all the way around the phone, adding protection to all borders. The case is flexible enough to have some give and won’t break if you drop your phone (as I have done many times already). Also, you have plenty of room to add a screen protector, which I have had trouble doing in the past with plastic cases. The only con is that I wish it had rubber notches on the side so I could have a better grip on the phone. For the price, however, it gets the job done while having a fun, unique design! I get tons of compliments on the case everywhere I go!” —- Sherin, rated the product with 4 stars out of 5 stars.


For protection, I’d personally pick the first case but the second case looks good. Decision is up to you!


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