Best iPhone 7 Plus Waterproof Cases

With our help, hopefully you will be able to find the best iPhone 7 Plus waterproof cases that will work perfectly with what you need from a case. Personally, I enjoy having a waterproof case because it makes me feel more free and makes me believe that my phone is somehow invincible. That’s a good thing, because a case should keep your phone super safe from harm. Unlike other cases, waterproof cases are more secure and tightly sealed shut.


Amazon is a great place to purchase some high quality waterproof cases that you will need for your upcoming iPhone 7 Plus. Let’s take a look at what Amazon has to offer for previous Apple phone models since the iPhone 7 Plus still isn’t out yet. Hopefully, this will give you an idea on what brand is a good choice.


  • LIFEPROOF FRE SERIESĀ I personally like this waterproof case from LifeProof. Have you heard of this brand? I’m sure you have! They are quite well-known. LifeProof is a company that believes in freedom, that’s why they have decided to create mobile accessories that will allow the user to do more with their phones.Here is an image of the said case:
    The original price of this case was at 79.99 US DOLLARS, but now since it has been out in the market for a while, the price of the case went down to 51.33 US DOLLARS. It already comes with free shipping! Yes! You will be able to save 28.66 US DOLLARS for the phone, and there’s also no need to fuss about the shipping fee as well.

    The phone is available in different color combinations. The one in the photo is a combination of black and gray. The other color combinations are white and gray, cerulean and apple green, purple and gray, gray and blue, white and pink, orange and brown, lime and brown, peach and pink. You have a lot of choices to choose from which is great! No limitations!

    The Fre case has a built-in scratch protector that is virtually invisible to the eye. It will seem like there is nothing there. However, you will appreciate it’s presence with your phone get dropped. You will still have full access to buttons and ports. The case will follow the precision lines of your phone.

    Aside from being a waterproof phone, the case is also shookproof, dust proof, snow proof, and dirt proof.

    You will need to make sure that you have properly installed it though so read the manual that comes with it.

  • PANDAWELL IP-68 Waterproof CaseThis one is a very affordable quality case. The original price of this case was at 45.99 US DOLLARS, but now you can purchase it for 15.99 US DOLLARS. Sadly though, the price of this product didn’t reach Amazon’s minimum price to make you eligible for a free shipping.Here is a picture of it:
    The case is available in colors like black, blue, pink, purple, white, and mint green (the one in the photo). This fashionable yet very durable design makes it so much more safe and a perfect partner for your phone. The case has been tested to be a hundred percent waterproof up to 6.6 feet of water. The fully sealed design will also protect the phone from dust, dirt, rain, and snow. It is also anti-frost so it’s great for winter!

    This is is especially a sport’s lovers necessity!

    It allows an easy access to all buttons and openings!

    Here is a customer’s review about it:

    “This case is just okay. I have not had to test it against water. It looks pretty ugly and cheap, the screen cover is very shiny. The finger scanner works just fine, as well as the other button covers. The touch screen on my phone became slightly less sensitive. The head phone adapter did not work with my Beats headphones, which is what ultimately made me put this case to rest after only a couple of days. I will put the case on again when I go on vacation, but otherwise not something I would like to use for daily protection.” — Sagem39

    Sadly this case got a rating of 2.6 stars out of 5 stars.

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