Best iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Cases

Tired of carrying a lot of things, well a wallet case is the best solution for your problem especially if the iPhone 7 Plus is going to be super big! There have been rumors that the iPhone 7 Plus will be bigger than the iPhone 6S Plus, but then it will also be thinner and more fragile. It may be hard to juggle your phone and your small purse if you are out just to buy something quick. As I said, a solution for this would be to get a case that allows you to use it as a wallet as well.

Let’s take a look at some of theses wallet cases from Amazon. You might find one that you like:

  • TORU [CX PRO] [Card Slot] [ID Holder]You can purchase this case for 29.99 US DOLLARS but now the price has been reduced to 14.75 US DOLLARS. It’s quite affordable right? It is available in a wide set of colors like red, pink, mint, lavender, and a lot more.Here are images of the case:

    There is a built in card slot at the back of the case as you can see in the picture. You can also use the card slot as a kickstand but be sure not to over extend it. You will be able to insert only one card, sadly.

    The 12 mm raised lip construction of the case will be able to protect the screen. There’s an adhesive mirror for the inner compartment that is included.

    The material that this case has been made from is flexible TPU with a rubbery inner layer that will help cushion your phone in case of impact. The hard cover of your case has been made from Polycarbonate for an added protection againsts scratches and smudges.

    The case will give you a snug fit without any bulkiness, precise cutouts will give you a full access to all the controls of the phone.

    Here is a customer’s review about it:

    “I’ve been searching for a case like this for my new phone for months! For my previous phone, I had a really cheap version of something like this and instantly fell in love with it. It had a mirror and a card holder and it was everything I wanted in a phone case. But when I got the new iPhone 6, all the card holding phone case were either too expensive or did not seem very practical. But when I got the chance to get this case at a discounted price for my honest review, I was so excited because this was the case I was going to invest in! The original price for this case is actually really good too if you think about the benefits this phone has. I am a female college student so having the mirror and a place for my student ID is the best thing ever, especially on phone which is by my side 24/7. Something that should be more advertised is the mirror part of this case. The case comes with a credit card sized mirror that has two peelable sides. One side reveals sticky surface where you can just apply directly onto the back of the phone and the other side will make the mirror surface show. I could not believe how smart this idea is that for people who might not one the mirror can just toss it away but for people like me who’s been searching for such case can gladly apply on to the case! And the door of the lid, is a place for a card that you can easily access but won’t have to worry about falling and losing. At the sides and the bottom, is a little hook like figure that will hold and secure your card. But if you slide the card upwards, it will easily come off and go in. This case is a really great case and I am writing this as my honest review for the product.”  — Chloe K

  • JETech PU Leather Wallet CaseYou can buy this case for 10.09 US DOLLARS. The case has been made from high quality leather material that will be a protector for your iPhone. You can use the case as a kickstand so you can watch your phone comfortably. There will also be built-in credit card slots and it can be used as a wallet to keep money and cards secure.

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