Best iPhone 7 Plus Leather Cases

If your goal is to look sophisticated and well off, your best action would be to purchase a leather case for your iPhone 7 Plus. Leather is the material that has been made from the skin of an animal by tanning or a similar process. There’s a lot of animal right group movements that are against it, but leather looks really good right? There are also synthetic leather that looks and feels like a real one, which is great!


The said month of when the iPhone 7 will be coming out would be at September 2016 and since the Plus version comes out a few weeks after it, so it may come it near October 2016. Such a long wait, but I believe it’s worth it.  Are you excited for it? I know that you are because you are already here reading about cases for the iPhone 7  Pluswhen it hasn’t even come out yet. Let’s be honest though, Apple isn’t really a company that thinks about the durability of their phones. Unlike those Nokia phones in the past, a single drop of your iPhone could mean a shattered screen and a destroyed monthly budget too! Apple has stated that for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, they will be toughening up the phone, but in my own opinion, it would still be safer to purchase a case to protect it.

A leather case isn’t really great for protection, so if hardcore protection is what you are looking for, then the cases below aren’t really what you are looking for. I’m not saying that leather is not capable of protection your phone – it is – but a different case would be better especially if you are living an active lifestyle where high grade protection is needed.


Most leather cases come with a flip cover, some card slots, but there are also some that don’t. Let’s take a look at this case below!


  • CASEOLOGY [ Envoy Series ] Premium Leather Bumper CoverThe original price of this case was 49.99 US DOLLARS, but after a while, it has been reduced to 17.99 US DOLLARS. Sadly though, it doesn’t reach the minimum of Amazon’s total price so you can’t have a free shipping. You can bulk order if you want.The case is available in different colors such as Burgundy Red, Carbon Fiber Black, Carbon Fiber White, Charcoal Black, Metallic Mesh Silver, and Cherry Oak (the one in the photo below).

The case looks good. It has a luxurious style and design that is unique to it and versatile. The case was made from premium textured fabric TPU with a PC bumper frame. The bumper will be great for diverting impacts from drops away from the phone. The case has a raised lip that serves to protect the display screen of the phone.

Here are some quick leather cases that might interest you as well:

  1. SHIELDON Genuine Leather Wallet CasePrice: 25.99 US DOLLARSThe original price of this case was at 103.99 US DOLLARS, but of course since it has been out for quite some time, the price has been reduced.

    The case is made from cowhide leather. The material was specifically selected for quality, strength, and character. You have additional card slots at the back of the flip cover, and you can use the cover as a kickstand. The flip cover will also protect the display screen of your phone from scratches,

  2. Joopapa Luxury Fashion Leather Wallet CasePRICE: 7.99 US DOLLARSIf you wanna spend less but look more, this is the case for you. Take a look at this case:

    Yes, it has two card slots at the back so that’s cool. There’s no flip cover if you don’t like a case with a flip cover, but you can still use it as a wallet. It’s easy to install the case with it’s snap on installation. The case is durable and offers a shock resistance on corners and edges.

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