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Today we are going to be doing a product review on some of the best iPhone 7 wallet cases. Personally, I like wallet cases because they are two in one, sometimes even three. What I like about them is that they are convenient. Since I have a day job that requires me to always be alert, I need to get coffee at a coffee shop a block away. Sometimes, it’s a little hassle to bring my whole bag or my phone and wallet since I know that I will be carrying a lot when I leave the shop. That’s why a wallet case is convenient for me. You have your phone with you (can’t be without it!) and you have the money that you need to pay for your order. You can keep them in one place only though, which is good. Less things to carry around.


Let’s take a look at some wallet cases we can purchase from Amazon!


  • LIFIC [ Saffiano Diary ] Red and blackYou can purchase this case for only 12.99 US DOLALRS now and it already comes with a free shipping! So affordable! The original price of this case was at 34.99 US DOLLARS, but luckily, it decreased. The case is available in colors red, black, brown, teal, pink, and blue.
    This case for the Apple phone is just for you. It has been designed to complement both your phone and your own sense of style, because of the different colors that it is available in.  There is a magnetic fastener that will help keep your case secure and your iPhone’s display screen protection.

    You will be able to bring our money or wallet contents with you everywhere. You can insert your cards and your money in the little pockets.

    The durable construction of the case will surely keep your iPhone’s display screen safe. The edges of the case are also a little bit raised to keep the screen from scratching or touching the ground even if the leather cover hasn’t been included.

    You can also turn the flip cover into a kickstand that will help make browsing and watching videos easier than ever.

    Here is a customer’s review about it:

    “I had the same style in black. I lost the phone down the side of the chair and it was very hard to see. I had not seen the red one so I was very happy to find it. I love the slots as I can put my bus pass and just pass it over to read my pass. There is space behind the slot to put a couple of dollars if I am just doing a short errand and don’t want to bring my handbag. So handy.” — MOMO

    The case received a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars.

  • VOFELEN Impact Resistant Phone CaseThe original price of this case was at 28.99 US DOLLARS, but now it has been reduce to only 7.99 US DOLLARS. You will have to add a few dollars for shipping fee.Here is an image of it:

    This hybrid case is perfect if you want something simple and tough, You can keep a debit or credit card at the back too, without the annoyance of a flip cover. This hard PC cover will feel smooth and fit in  your hand. It is also quite easy to clean. The cut for the ports and openings are all precise and accurate to the phone.

    For the front protection, we have the raised lip to protect the screen against scratches and it won’t allow the phone’s display screen to touch the surface which can damage the screen. The case doesn’t come with a screen protector but you can just add an external screen protector with no problem.

    “It’s perfect! The card slot is a little hard to open sometimes, but I would much rather take a minute opening it than pull my phone out of my pocket and have my cards fall out. Everyone I show it to really likes it and asks what case it is. I highly recommend it! May order another in a different color for fun sometime.” – Renee Duvall

    The phone case has been given an average rating of 3.4 stars out of 5 stars.


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