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There’s something very sophisticated about a leather case so if you want one for your iPhone 7, you better check out the top two cases we featured today. Leather is the material that has been made from the skin of an animal by tanning or a similar process. There’s a lot of animal right group movements that are against it, but leather looks really good right? There are also synthetic leather that looks and feels like a real one, which is great!


The said month of when the iPhone 7 will be coming out is at September 2016 and Apple says that when the iPhone 7 comes out it will be a spectacular sight. Are you excited for it? I know that you are because you are already here reading about cases for the iPhone 7 when it hasn’t even come out yet. Let’s be honest though, Apple isn’t really a company that thinks about the durability of their phones. Unlike those Nokia phones in the past, a single drop of your iPhone could mean a shattered screen and a destroyed monthly budget too.


That being said, maybe a leather case is the casing for you! Let’s take a look at today’s featured leather cases.


LABATO Genuine Leather Stand Case Magnetic Smart Cover With Windows View


Here are images of the said case:

The original price of this case was at 59.99 US DOLLARS, but now you can purchase it for simply 19.99 US DOLLARS.

This case has been made from genuine lambskin that has been imported from Australia. You’ll be able to feel that the case is softer, smoother, lighter, and more delicate compared to other cases. There is also a soft internal lining and a durable edge processing, that adds style in every detail. The interactive view window on the front of the case will also let you reject or answer calls without really opening the case. The integrated magic closure of the phone case will also prevent the flap from moving around and secure the phone inside the case.

Here is a customer’s review about it:

“Co-worker has this case and when I saw it, I knew my wife would like it. She has only had it for one week but she loves it. She loves that it can be used as a stand and the small profile. Being able to answer calls without flipping the case open is a Plus. I still can’t comment on the durability of the case yet but so far it seems like it may last if not abused.” — OS

The case has been given a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars.


Touching iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case Front Flip Cover


Here are images of the case:

The original price of this case was at 17.00 US DOLLARS before but now you can purchase it for only 14.69 US DOLLARS with free shipping already.

The case has been made from PU leather and a hard plastic exterior. The inside or interior of the case has been made sure to make no scratches. The back cover of this case combines both hard shell and supreme PU leather. You will be able to protect your phone from daily scratches and bumps, and even dust. The case is especially a vertical up and down open and close design. There is a built in magnet that will automatically absorb function and protect the LCD screen from scratch.

Here is a customer’s review about it:

“I love my case it fits perfectly and it’s very sturdy. I was suppose to have a screen protector along with my case but they forgot to ship it. I emailed them and the were very apologetic and shipped the screen protector to me immediately with no cost to me at all. I highly recommend buying from them.” — K. Johnson


The case has been given a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 stars.


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