The Best iPhone 7 Cases

Some of the best cases for your upcoming iPhone 7 are within your reach! A lot of brands have already stated that they will be manufacturing protective and stylish cases for the said phone model as soon as it comes out. The said month of when the iPhone 7 will be coming out is at September 2016 and Apple says that when the iPhone 7 comes out it will be a spectacular sight. Are you excited for it? I know that you are because you are already here reading about cases for the iPhone 7 when it hasn’t even come out yet.


Let’s be honest though, Apple isn’t really a company that thinks about the durability of their phones. Unlike those Nokia phones in the past, a single drop of your iPhone could mean a shattered screen and a destroyed monthly budget too.

There are different brands and types of cases. To pick the best one for you, you will have to think about what you want from a case. Do you prefer a bulky protective case? Do you want a case and a wallet in one? Do you want it to be made from rubber or from leather? Do you want a case that you can take everywhere without having to worry? Do you want a think barely there case? Taking time to think about what you want in a case will somehow help in narrowing down your choices and help you reach a decision faster.


Let’s talk about WALLET CASES.

Personally, I like wallet cases because they are two in one, sometimes even three. What I like about them is that they are convenient. Since I have a day job that requires me to always be alert, I need to get coffee at a coffee shop a block away. Sometimes, it’s a little hassle to bring my whole bag or my phone and wallet since I know that I will be carrying a lot when I leave the shop. That’s why a wallet case is convenient for me. You have your phone with you (can’t be without it!) and you have the money that you need to pay for your order. You can keep them in one place only though, which is good. Less things to carry around.

Here are some pictures of wallet cases:

You can use a wallet case too as a kickstand so you can watch videos or read without having to hold up the phone all the time.

Most wallet cases are made from leather but there are also some wallet cases that don’t come in the traditional flip cover design. Like these ones below:


There are also some cases that come with a belt clip which is great if you want to attach the phone to your jeans or bag. You won’t need to hold unto your phone all the time, especially if you are carrying a lot of things that require the use of both your hands. Take a look at these examples below:


Aside from that, there are also some cases that are very protective to the point that they are waterproof and shockproof. Cases like this allows the user more free and more peace of mind while using the phone. No need to worry about accidentally getting the phone wet while you are eating. This type of case is great for people who are active and would like their phones to go with them everywhere.

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