LifeProof Nuud iPhone 7 Review

Today we are going to be reviewing the Nuud case from the LifeProof brand for the upcoming iPhone 7. I’m sure that we are all excited about the iPhone 7 finally being released to the public, but it is a little bit sad that we have to wait six more months for it. September, come quickly! If Apple decides to release the iPhone 7 earlier, then that’s better right. Better start saving now! But of course, once we have the iPhone 7 in our hands, we should take good care of it and we can easily do that by purchasing a case for it.

Is the LifeProof Nuud the case for you?


LifeProof is a brand that believes deeply in freedom. They saw that people were getting more and more dependent on their phones (let’s not deny it, we are) but it was too bad that we couldn’t bring our phones anywhere we want. There are many benefits to owning a phone especially an iPhone. You can take pictures and keep them as memories or you can upload them and send them to people, letting them know what you are currently up to. People want to be connected to the people that they care about all the time, and the phone is a perfect medium for it, but we can’t exactly bring it anywhere we like. With a LifeProof case, we can.

Here are some pictures of the LifeProof Nuud case. You will notice that it is available in different colors.

The case is also available in white and gray. The normal price of a Nuud case is always 99.99 US DOLLARS, but of course, as time goes on, the price also decreases so now it is being sold for 87.21 US DOLLARS.  But there are some sellers on Amazon that sell it for 64.97 US DOLLARS, or 92.28 US DOLLARS. It really depends on the color. So far, the pink one is the most expensive since it just stayed at 99.99 US DOLLARS.


The Nuud case is a case that has been made for touch, A.K.A it doesn’t have a screen protector. You will be directly touching the display screen of your phone. Don’t worry, the sides are super sealed so no water will be able to enter, and if you want a screen guard, you can add one. When installing the case, be sure to read up one the manual. There were some who complained that the case leaked, only to find out that they forgot to close a port or install it properly.

Cases from LifeProof are great because they can provide your iPhone with a complete protection that you require. Most cases that can provide the same level of protection like a LifeProof case are bulky. The good thing about a LifeProof case is that it is slim and lightweight yet still very protective.

Here are some of it’s features:

  • WATERPROOFThe LifeProof brand is well known for being a great waterproof case. With this case installed, you will be able to bring you phone or submerge it with you when you go swimming for up to 6.6 feet or 2 meter deep water for a duration of an hour. You have to bring it back up the surface after an hour though.
  • SHOCK PROOFA drop from 6.6 feet or 2 meters won’t damage your phone. The case will absorb the impact of the drop and divert it away from the body of your phone so it can’t cause any damage.
  • SNOW, ICE, DIRT, AND DUST PROOFLittle particles can be alarming especially if they lodge at a place they aren’t supposed to be in.

With a LifeProof case, you will have that peace of mind you are longing for. Your phone is in safe hands.

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