iPhone 7 Rumors

After only two months since iPhone 6S Plus was out in the market, there are now rumors of the upcoming iPhone 7, which is expected to be launched in 2016. However, is the upgrade really worth it? What can we expect from the new iPhone 7? Is it better than the iPhone 6S Plus or will it be just an added expense again to our pockets? Apple has already given a lot of hints about the upcoming iPhone model and people are super excited about it.


The rumor about this model is that it will be a completely new design, an upgraded processor, and two screen sizes. However, even if it has been repeatedly said that the iPhone 7 will have a new design, we have yet to see what it really looks like. It is still far too early.


Here are some of the following rumors that are spreading around the internet like wild fire:


  • Battery life of the iPhone 7 may be a hundred times better than the current iPhone models which are the 6S and 6S Plus.

  • There are also also rumors that this time, Apple will equipped the iPhone 7 with much better screen resolutions, even if the iPhone 6S Plus is already bit enough.

  • It has also been said that we should expect a higher density pixel than the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Although, this theory isn’t really as strong the other theories.

  • We may be right to expect a screen material that is much harder than the previous models. This could mean that the iPhone 7 won’t shatter so easily when accidentally dropped.

  • There have also been rumors that they will clear out the 16 GB size. The iPhone 7 could start at 32Gb, 64GB, and at 128GB only.

  • Maybe wireless charging.

  • Maybe a waterproof feature.

  • They may release it on September 2016. It has always been a tradition for Apple to release their phones in this month. This tradition has been going on for years now.

  • However, there is a counter rumor to the one above. It could be released early at Summer 2016, instead of September.

  • Two iPhone models will be launched next year in order to keep up with the competition.


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