iPhone 7 Release Date

Are you one of the people who has already heard about the iPhone 7’s release date?  If you haven’t heard of the rumors that have been going around the internet, they are saying that there will be an iPhone 7 that will be out next year. The specific date or month isn’t confirmed yet/ However, a lot of people are saying that it will most probably be made available to the market at the month of September 2016. Throughout the years, Apple has been releasing their iPhone models during this month. It is because of this reason that people are saying that it will still be released on September. 

iPhone 7 Release Date

There have also been speculations, however, that the iphone 7 will be released at a much earlier date. This is so that the Apple Company will be able to cope up with the other competitors.  I am not entirely sure how true it was when they said that the iPhone 7 could be released on the Summer of 2016. 

What can you expect from the iPhone 7?

Okay, before we head deeper into this. Just a disclaimer, okay? If the iPhone 7 comes out, and what is stated here isn’t accurate, well it’s simply because all the internet speculations are rumors only. Nothing is set on stone here. However, a lot of people have been saying that the iPhone 7 will look completely different. They will most probably change the design of the iPhone. What do you think about this? Many people believe that this is a great move for Apple so that they will appear to be fresh to the eyes of their consumers. Having stuck to the same design for years now. However, there are also a lot who says that Apple should stick to it’s classic design because there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, it has become the blueprint of other cell phone manufacturers. 

Despite all of these theories, I’m afraid nothing is for sure.  

What you need to keep in mind would be that you may need to invest in some new earphones that will be able to function with your iPhone 7, if ever you will be purchasing one when it comes out.

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