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If you have heard of the LifeProof brand, then you know for sure that they will be providing a Nuud case and Fre case version for the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus which will be released by Apple on September 2016 but it will probably be after they have released the iPhone 7. Hopefully it will be. Many people are saying that it will be out on the mentioned month because Apple has been consistently releasing their new products on that month for years now. If they can do it earlier, then that’s better, right? Personally, I’m quite excited for it. Apple says it will be a spectacular model that will be different yet familiar from their past iPhone models.

That is exactly why you will need to purchase the case that will give your new iPhone 7 Plus the best 360 degree of protection and only a LifeProof case can offer that. LifeProof is a brand that believes in freedom. Without the proper protection for our phone, what we can do with it will be limited so LifeProof aimed to change that. Now with a LifeProof case, you will be able to get more from your phone.Their two main cases are the Nuud case and the Fre case.

Let’s talk about the Nuud case first!

This case has been around for quite some time. They already have different versions of this case for the different models of the iPhone. I think the Nuud case was launched for the iPhone 4S or 5? Then the customers or buyers liked it so much that  LifeProof had to continue manufacturing the case until today for the iPhone 6S Plus. Of course, they will be manufacturing it again for the iPhone 7.

Once the Nuud case comes out for the iPhone 7, it will probably be priced at 99.99 US DOLLARS because that’s how LifeProof prices their new cases, but then as time goes by, the prices go down a little. Now the Nuud casing for the iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6S Plus is at 84.88 US DOLLARS.

The case has been made from durable poly carbonate that will absorb the shock and keep it away from your phone. Nuud will be the case that will take smartphone protection and usability to the next levels with it’s most advanced case design. Just because it was first manufactured for iPhone 4S or 5 doesn’t mean that it is totally still the same. The case evolves with the phone and adjusts to what type of protection the phone needs. Of course, the capabilities of the iPhones 3 years ago is different from what the iPhones of today can offer.

You must know that Nuud is a screenless case. They say that this is a case that is made for touch. The screenless technology isn’t really a bad thing as this will put you in a direct contact with your touchscreen. If you want a case with a screen protector, you can take a look at LifeProof’s Fre case. However, I think you will be able to add an external screen protector to the Nuud case if you really want to. You just have to make sure that the side are completely sealed.

That’s really the main difference between the two cases. Nuud doesn’t have a built-in screen protection while the Fre case has! And usually, the Fre case is being sold at 10 US Dollars lesser than the Nuud case.

If you do purchase any of the two, you should take note of the product manual and follow it strictly. There were some instances in the past where customers complained that the case leaked, but in the end, they find out that they didn’t install the phone case properly.

Both the Nuud case and the Fre case are:

  • WATERPROOF— You will be able to bring your phone with you and submerge it in about 2 meters or 6.6 feet deep water that can last for about an hour. Don’t worry, if you installed it properly, it should work fine.
  • SHOCKPROOF— Since the cases offer a 360 degree of protection, it can withstand a drop of 6.6 feet or 2 meters! The phone will remain unharmed and will still be able to function normally.

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4 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus LifeProof Case

  1. Thanks Kendrick!

    This has been very informative. Life proof cases are indeed worth the cost considering the fact that they are Water proof, shock proof, dust proof, snow proof and dirt proof. Making an investment in an Iphone is quite pricey but worth it and getting such a great case to protect if should also be worth it. The Fre type for me should be idle because no hassle of trying to buy another screen protector.

    If I may ask, have Lifeproof already released a case for iphone 7 plus?

    All the same thanks for the information. Bible

    1. You are welcome man and they have cases coming soon. I personally think lifeproof have some awesome cases and are well worth the money. Another thing is that the cases are stylish! Now with protection and style you are sure to feel comfortable having one.

  2. Nice review. The Nuud case looks pretty impressive. Unfortunately I don’t have an iPhone 7 yet, but if I do get one I’ll definitely head back to your site to purchase one.
    One important feature for me is that the case be waterproof but isn’t the iPhone 7 itself waterproof?
    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

    1. The phone is waterproof and that is a big for people with big intentions of being around water. I think that the phone being waterproof is a great idea from apple itself. Having a case being waterproof would take away from having a case. If you know of the other features of this case then I am sure you are aware that it is shockproof, dustproof, and snow proof as well. Wonderful features with some good style as well.

      Thank you for the feedback.

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