Do The Apple AirPods Come With iPhone 7 Plus

With the launch of the AirPods last October 28, 2016, people have been sending us endless questions about the AirPods like this one “Do AirPods Come With iPhone 7 Plus” and it’s really nice to see that despite the people’s initial reaction to the idea of the AirPods, it has become the new favorite iPhone accessory of most. Well, who can blame us really? The AirPods are quite something else.


Let’s get to know the AirPods even more and what additional features it has that sets it apart from the rest. Looking at it, you might think that it’s just another fancy iPhone accessory from Apple when it’s really just a bluetooth wireless headphones. The truth is – it isn’t. Unlike other bluetooth headphones, the Apple AirPods has a small custom made W1 Apple Microchip inside that makes it smarter than your average bluetooth headphones. What can this microchip do for you? For one, it makes the AirPods adaptive and responsive to your needs. It helps manage your batteries. The AirPods need to be charged, you see. The container that comes with the AirPods can give you more than 24 hours of AirPods usage. If you have fully charged your AirPods, you will be able to use them for five hours straight before you have to recharge them again. Better keep the container near you at all time. It’s another motivation not to lose the case or leave it at home. This also lowers the chances of you losing the AirPods since you have to return them to the case to charge them. A fifteen minute charge will be able to give you three hours of power. That’s great because you won’t have to wait too long.


For the AirPods, the Apple company also focused a whole lot more on the microphone. This means that people you are talking to will be able to hear you more clearly and loudly, and Siri will be able to. Unlike the previous headphones, you will be able to call on Siri using the AirPods and command her tasks. Siri will also be able to talk to you through the AirPods. If you are alone and you want to pretend you are talking to someone, you have Siri.


Another good thing about the AirPods is that when you make a call, the AirPods automatically blurs out the background noise so that the person you are calling will be able to focus on your voice instead. It’s a great piece of technology and I’d definitely recommend it.


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