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In this website we are going to give you reviews about the upcoming iPhone 7! Are you excited for it’s arrival this 2016? There are many rumors that are surrounding the phone model and people are very excited for it. There’s a lot of people that says that the iPhone 7 will have a totally new design and even lots of cool new features.

Since Apple’s launch in the year 1976, it has come a long way from where it began. It was three friends who began the Apple company who are namely Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. You may not be familiar with Wayne and that’s because he sold his part of the company stock after the 12 days that the Apple company was launched. He sold it for only 500 US DOLLARS, but if he sold it now, he would have gotten 72 BILLION US DOLLARS. The two Steves met during a gather of enthusiasts in a garage in California’s Menlo Park.

Steve Woznaik was the person who produced the first computer with a typewriter like keyboard and the ability to connect the computer to a regular television. The goal of Steve Wozniak wasn’t to change the world because of his inventions he simply wanted to make things simpler for people to us and of course, to also show off how much he had managed to do with just a few resources. He wanted to boast as the person who invented an inexpensive computer.

Steve Jobs liked it so much that he sold his VW microbus to fund the production of Wozniak’s computer. Wozniak glad that someone took an interest in his work, sold his HP calculator and together, they founded the Apple Computer Inc on April 1st in the year 1976 with Ronald Wayne.


Now, a lot of people are enjoying their creations. Wozniak although he didn’t really want to change the world, somehow changed it. Presently, people are anticipating the release of the iPhone 7! Their new products usually come out at around September. So if they are going to continue the tradition, we only have to wait for six months! There are some people though who keep saying that Apple will release it earlier. I don’t know, but I’m going to stick with September. Apple always releases their new model on the month of September. Always.

It will probably cost the same with the iPhone 6 or a little higher but it won’t exceed 700 US DOLLARS. Hopefully! So time to save up for it. You still have six months left to save up for it.


The design of the iPhone 7 will be totally different from the iPhone 6 but there are readings on the internet that Apple might follow the design of the iPhone 5S because a lot of people preferred that design than the iPhone 6 series. What do you think? There are also rumors that the iPhone 7 will be slimmer than the iPhone 6! Wow! So if that’s the case, we need to set aside money for a phone case too. A slimmer phone equals a more fragile phone.


I hope they don’t make it too slim though because that can affect the battery life of the phone. Hopefully the battery life will last longer, but that’s always the problem or complaints of the people who are using an iPhone. It drains too fast! Apple better find a solution for that, but in case that they don’t we will give you the best battery cases so you won’t run out of battery ever. You can just charge it while you are on the go.



If you subscribe to us here at Buy iPhone 7 Unlocked, we will give you reviews of the phone itself and the cases that will be perfect for the phone and for what you need as well. There’s a lot of products in the market, but you only want to purchase the best for your new investment I’m sure. Allow us to help you!

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