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Why should you opt to buying the upcoming iPhone 7 or 7 Plus unlocked? Is unlocked really better than getting the locked one? What are the benefits in getting a locked iPhone than getting one that is unlocked? Hopefully the articles that you will find in this website will be able to shed some light so you will be able to purchase the product that is right for you. But first, let us define the terms so we can understand better.

So when we say that an iPhone is locked, it means that it is forever secured only to a specific carrier like AT & T or Verizon for example. It can only be used with a single network. For example, your iPhone has been locked with Verizon but you want to change carriers to AT & T, so you think that just taking the sim card out and putting in a new sim card from AT & T will do the trick. Sadly, it won’t. The phone won’t be able to get a signal so it is pretty much useless. It will not accept any other sim card other than the carrier that it has been locked with.

Now, what is the difference with an unlocked iPhone? You probably have an idea on what the difference of the two is. An unlocked iPhone allows the use of multiple carriers. You can change sim cards anytime that you want. If you are tired of Verizon, go ahead and get a sim card from AT & T or any other carrier that you desire. You phone will function normally. An unlocked iPhone sounds good right? More freedom! More choices!

However, keep in mind that purchasing a locked iPhone is cheaper compared to purchasing an unlocked iPhone. And with a locked iPhone, you can pay in installments. If you want to purchase an unlocked iPhone, you have to pay in full and that’s sometimes hard if you also have a lot of bills to think about. It really depends on how your financial status is. Of course, an unlocked iPhone is ideal, but think about your salary, if you can afford it. There’s no need to be broke just to buy an expensive phone. That’s impractical.



If you already have an iPhone, but it’s locked, there are ways to unlock it with the help of third party service, but it is very expensive. Some iPhones are easier to unlock compared to others because it really depends on the carrier and the circumstances. Don’t worry, going to a third party service to get your phone unlocked is legal if you have purchased the device un-subsidized and if you have finished paying for your contract with a certain mobile carrier. I don’t really recommend getting an iPhone unlocked if you still haven’t finished paying the mobile carrier that you are with. Technically, the phone isn’t your yet. It would be advisable for you to go to talk to your mobile carrier first before you unlock it. You see most, mobile carriers give you the option to unlock your iPhone once you have finished with the contract or if you have paid an early termination fee to cancel your existing plan.

An unlocked iPhone is ideal if you are travelling to another country because of course, you will need a sim card from that country so your mobile carrier will be open to unlocking your iPhone.

To find a third party to unlock your iPhone, first you will have to find a service who is willing to do it. You can find some online companies that will give you unlock codes for a price. Be careful though! Make sure it they are legit and aren’t just looking for people to scam.

Once you have unlocked your phone, enjoy using it!


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