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Once you have bought an iPhone 7 Plus, you might also want to consider getting a case for it. The upcoming iPhone 7 Plus is going to cost you money so it would only be reasonable that you take measures to protect it. The measure could be as simple as purchasing a protective casing for it. If the images below scares you a bit, then you should purchase a case for your phone.

If you have no intentions of letting your smart phone end up like the images above, then a case is the answer to silence your worries. Aside from keeping your phone safe, there are many benefits with the use of cases for smart phones.

The first is you can prevent unnecessary scratches to your phone. Sometimes, just keeping our phone inside our bags could scratch it because of the other contents in the bag. An unscratched phone is a happy phone. Plus, if you want to resell it, you can do so at a higher price compared to trying to resell your phone when it is full of scratches already. You might consider getting a case with a flip cover or one with an over all protection a.k.a comes with a screen guard.

The second is that if you accidentally let go of your phone, there’s no need to fear that the screen has been cracked or shattered or if it has gained dents because with a tough case, you can protect your phone. Most tough cases are built from Polycarbonate material that absorb the shock instead of letting hit the phone’s body directly. There are also some phone cases that come with an air cushion that divert the impact away from the phone.


And finally, having the perfect case can also help protect your phone from getting damaged by water, dust, snow, and dirt. There are some brands like LifeProof that provide a three hundred and sixty degree of protection. With a LifeProof case, you can take your phone with you anywhere. Submerged in the water, the phone can last for about an hour until you have to pull it out of the water so the case can breathe a little. You can also make sure that no small particles of dirt or dust or even snow can enter in the little spaces of your phone and cause possible damage. You don’t have to worry about the screen as well, because you can easily add a screen protector or choose the case that they have that comes with a built-in screen protector already.

Here is an example case from LifeProof. This is their iPhone 6S Plus Fre case!

You can get this at Amazon for only 66.37 US DOLLARS. Most of LifeProof’s cases are priced at 99.99 US DOLLARS when they first come out. They are worth the price, no worries! This case comes with a built-it scratch protector that is virtually invisible to the eye and to the touch as well. You still have full access to buttons and the controls of the phone. You will be able to charge and sync the phone using a micro USB port.

The phone is full submersible to 6.6′ or 2 m for one hour. It is sealed from snow, ice, dirt, and dust particles. It even meets or exceeds IP-68 Ingrees Protection Rating. The phone case is also shock proof. It will be able to withstand drops from 6.6′ or 2 meters. Be sure to read the directions that come with the phone case. There were some people who complained that water leaked inside but it was only because they didn’t install the casing properly.

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